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                                 FOR PLUROGEL® with SILVER SULPHADIAZINE:

(Charlottesville, VA, 3 August 2010) – PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. is pleased to announce that its flagship
burn and wound gel, PluroGel® with Silver Sulphadiazine, has received European marketing approval,
opening the estimated over $2.0 billion European Advanced Wound Care market to PluroGen.

Neal G. Koller, President & CEO of PluroGen, commenting on the European approval of this advanced new
medical tool for burn and wound patients, said “Our PluroGel® with Silver Sulphadiazine is the first
significant advancement in topical burn and wound care products to be introduced in over 30 years.  Our
unique PluroGel® technology solves a good number of the problems of existing competitive products,
including reducing pain for the patients while improving and reducing cost of the dressing removal and
change processes, and our inclusion of Silver Sulphadiazine provides the doctor, the nurse and the patient
with the trusted, number one topical antimicrobial.  We are pleased PluroGen is able to offer this much
improved product for burn and wound patients, which comprise an over $2 billion market opportunity in
Europe alone.”

About PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc.
PluroGen is a burn, wound and skin care company commercializing our multiple patent-protected technology
platforms, the 1st of which is our core gel technology that provides superior and differentiated physical, bio-
impact and multi-function benefits.  Our multiple technology platforms are configurable to deliver a wide
variety of medicinal and beneficial compounds as protected and advanced therapeutic and topical products
for simple and complex skin care and burn and wound healing.  PluroGen’s product pipeline targets
improved, protected therapies for the 6 areas of treatment in tissue management and healing (cleansing,
infection, pain, inflammation, tissue salvage, tissue regeneration).

PluroGen’s first gels, PluroGel® and ActiviGel™, are being used initially in skin and wound cleansing
products, for personal skin care products and for two branded topical antimicrobial products, PluroGel®
Barrier Gels and PluroGel® Barrier Dressings.  PluroGel® / ActiviGel™ technology is currently in routine
use at the University of Virginia Medical Center, having shown superior results on more than 9,000 patients
in two different patient populations, severe burns and chronic wounds.  The PluroGen management and
operational teams, Boards and Principal Investigators are recognized global clinical and commercial leaders
in PluroGen’s target markets of burn and wound care and in the life sciences industry.

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