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1 September, 2010                                                                                                   Board of Directors
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                                     PLUROGEN’S PLUROGEL® PNN CHOSEN FOR

(Charlottesville, VA, 1 September 2010) – PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. (PluroGen) is pleased to announce
the United States Department of Defense (DoD), via the Department of Interior’s National Business Center
(DoI-NBC), has selected PluroGel® PNN Topical Antimicrobial, a triple antibacterial and antifungal, as part
of the Limb Salvage and Regenerative Medicine Initiative.  This Initiative is a Department of Defense-wide
collaborative effort, funded partially by the Joint IED Defeat Organization to accelerate medical technology
for the treatment of blast-related injuries.  The contract with PluroGen is valued at $8,600,000 and funds
the regulatory approval process and the manufacturing scale-up of PluroGel® PNN Topical Antimicrobial,
which is targeted to severe burns and wounds.

The Limb Salvage and Regenerative Medicine Initiative is managed by the Office of Technology Transition,
within the Directorate for Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E).  The Limb Salvage and
Regenerative Medicine Initiative is a pilot program to shepherd needed and beneficial advanced medical
technologies and products through the transition process for DoD, and civilian, use.  PluroGel® PNN has
been demonstrated at the University of Virginia Health System to be an effective topical antimicrobial
technology that could benefit our troops, especially those on the front lines.  The DoD is partnered with
PluroGen to be able to help this technology transition into everyday use for our burn and wound patients.

Commenting on this significant achievement for PluroGen, Neal G. Koller, President & CEO of PluroGen, said
“Signing this contract with U.S. DoD is a terrific opportunity for PluroGen to contribute in a most significant
and important way to our wounded Service Members by providing our soldiers with PluroGel® PNN.  
PluroGel® PNN has been in use for 15 years on over 9,500 severe burn and chronic wound patients at the
University of Virginia. PluroGel® PNN, if approved by the FDA, will give the Department of Defense another
topical antimicrobial therapy capability for battlefield injuries.  U.S. DoD’s $8.6 million funding and support
of our PluroGel® technology will assure our military and all severe burn and wound patients worldwide of
having access to the advantages of our unique PluroGel® PNN.”

About PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc.
Manufacturer of PluroGel® and ActiviGel™, PluroGen’s core gel technology is used in a range of self-
branded and co-branded products for burns, wounds and skin care.  PluroGen is commercializing multiple
patent-protected products providing superior and differentiated physical, bio-impact and multi-function
benefits.  PluroGen’s unique, patent-protected and proprietary core gel technology is configured to deliver
key medicinal and beneficial compounds.  PluroGen’s new product pipeline targets the six (6) areas of
treatment in tissue management and healing:  1)  Cleansing;  2)  Anti-infection;  3)  Pain Reduction;  4);  
Inflammation Reduction;  5)  Tissue Salvage; and  6)  Tissue Regeneration.

PluroGen’s initial products are being used in skin cleansing and wound cleansing medical devices
(PluroGel® Concentrate), for personal skin care products (PluroGel® and ActiviGel™) and as topical barrier
products for burns and wounds (PluroGel® with Silver Sulphadiazine).  PluroGel® PNN is currently in
routine use at the University of Virginia Medical Center, having shown superior results on more than 9,500
patients in two different populations, severe burns and chronic wounds.  PluroGen’s Managers, Principal
Investigators, and Directors are recognized global clinical and commercial leaders in PluroGen’s target
markets of burn and wound care industries.

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