Company Profile Overview
PluroGen’s core technology platform was developed by researchers and physicians in University
of Virginia’s (UVA) Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory beginning in the 1970’s.  Our co-founder,
George T. Rodeheaver, Ph.D., is one of the inventors of this technology and has
supervised the formulation and production at UVA of one of our first products for use on burn
and chronic wound patients at the UVA Health System for the past fifteen years.

Adam J. Katz, M.D., PluroGen’s other co-founder, came to UVA in 2001 and is associate professor
of plastic surgery, a practicing board certified plastic surgeon and Director of the UVA Wound
Care Clinic.  In these roles Dr. Katz was introduced to the benefits of our core technology
platform and one of our initial products.  He approached Dr Rodeheaver with the concept of
making them available to all healthcare practitioners and institutions, and, thus PluroGen
Therapeutics was conceived.

Dr. Rodeheaver, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Katz, Secretary, Treasurer and
Board Member founded the Company at the end of 2005 and licensed the technology Dr.
Rodeheaver invented from the UVA Patent Foundation.  Together they established a more
complete Board of Directors and the Commercial Advisory Board.

PluroGen’s Board of Commercial Advisors includes James B. Farinholt (finance and investment),
Peter Johnson, M.D. (general management), and James Byrnes (marketing) bring a wealth of
experience, relationships and successes in business and in PluroGen’s specific markets to the
successful management and growth of the Company.

In 2006 PluroGen implemented the organization plan that included hiring our executive
management team and assembling our world class Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).  Our
executive management, particularly Neal G. Koller, President & Chief Executive Officer and Glenn
D. Warden, M.D., MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer, is well experienced and has a successful track
record in early stage and large company successes in life sciences.

PluroGen has since added 3 additional patented wound healing technology platforms to its
portfolio.  Each is synergistic and complementary to the other and to our core platform and all
are focused to the burn and chronic wound markets providing PluroGen with a rich, long-term
product pipeline.

PluroGen has assembled a world class Scientific Advisory Board.  Our SAB has representation
from the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific and includes surgeons who are key thought leaders,
researchers and practitioners in burn and wound care.

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