PluroGen Technology Platform
PluroGen has developed and acquired from UVA a portfolio of 4 synergistic and
complementary patented technologies developed in its founders and related laboratories that
are sharply focused to products for the burn and chronic wound markets.  They provide near-
term market entry and a long-term product pipeline.

Core Gel Technology Platform

Background to this Technology
The core gel technology was developed to eliminate the
inadequacies of current competitive products.  These inadequacies come from their use of
lipid-based components that, while they claim to be water soluble, are not.  As a result,
competitive products mix with materials shed from the wound (blood, dead tissue, etc.) to
form a caked residue (pseudoeschar) that attaches over and in the burn and chronic wound.  
This attached caked residue has significant clinical problems including:  (1) reduction or
prevention of delivery of active agents (2) difficult to remove causing great patient pain and
more nursing time with associated increased cost and (3) pull newly grown tissue from the
wound during dressing change.  Competitive products’ potential for reduction or prevention of
delivery of active agents is deleterious to healing and can be dangerous.  Their difficult
removal increases time and cost.  When they pull newly formed skin from the wound they set
back patient recovery.  And, most importantly, the pain they produce can be severe and is
highly undesirable.  Products from PluroGen’s core technology are specifically designed to
overcome each of these problems providing a superior wound protection and healing modality.

The Technology PluroGen’s core technology, developed by Company founder Dr. Rodeheaver,
has evolved out of 30 years of clinical experience managing burns and chronic wounds at the
University of Virginia Health System (UVAHS).  It has achieved superior results in over 2,000
patients including a major reduction in infection rate for burn patients and rapid and
significant percentage reduction in chronic wound size.  This core platform resulted from the
exclusive identification and development of patented methods for formulating gels made from
a surfactant (cleanser) polymer that is exceptionally and uniquely biocompatible, water-
soluble and cell friendly.  The primary patent, extensive trade-secret know-how and new
patent applications describe the formulation and bio-active properties of gels made from this

This technology platform corrects the competitive product problems noted above.  It provides
market-disrupting topical gel and gel-impregnated dressing products that have exclusive
physical and bioactive benefits which are differentiating and advantageous.  Physical benefits
are the ability to thicken at room and body temperatures and liquefy or soften at cooler
temperatures, to be fully water-soluble and to be surfactants providing continuous non-
abrasive cell-friendly wound cleansing.  These properties uniquely result in PluroGen products
ability to effectively resist caking while they act as burn and wound protection barriers and
wound cleansers.  Absence of caking enables them to improve delivery of agents to wounds
by continuously delivering the agent and by improved dispersion of the agent into the difficult-
to-reach areas of the wound.  The physical benefits additionally provide easy, faster and
much less painful product removal, with reduced cost.  The bioactive benefits include cell
membrane repair, protein repair, micro-vascular blood flow improvement and biofilm
disruption, penetration and prevention.  These benefits drive demand for products built with
this technology.

Gels from this technology can be used either alone, used as a carrier or delivery vehicle for
other active agents, or used with other wound healing products giving clinicians uniquely
versatile and effective tools to optimally manage damaged tissue such as burns and chronic
wounds.  This multi-use capability provides important product differentiation and market
advantage that will drive demand.

The physical and bioactive benefits of the gels from this technology uniquely allow these
products to perform multiple functions including cleansing, antimicrobial, barrier, wound
healing, cell protection and cell repair.  This multi-functionality differentiates PluroGen’s
products and provides flexibility and efficacy for end-user satisfaction that will impart further
need and demand.

Nano Antimicrobial Technology Platform

PluroGen’s 2nd patented platform is a highly complementary silver nano - technology which is
at the cutting edge of antimicrobial therapy.  Silver compounds are the leading antimicrobials
used today for burns and chronic wounds.  The next generation of silver is nano - silver,
which has more silver surface area than standard silver compounds, providing more ‘working’
silver and allowing reduction in the amount of silver used.  PluroGen’s new technology takes
the next step.  It is a flexible, very cost effective platform (anticipated to reduce cost and
improve yield) and provides indication that it may have significant antimicrobial advantages:  
Early scientific findings indicate this technology may provide products with improved short,
medium and long-term antimicrobial delivery.  It is being developed with the Company’s core
gel and natural gel technologies to create differentiated, advanced and cost effective wound
healing products.

Natural Gel Technology Platform

The 3rd patented platform is based on Chitosan, a naturally occurring, highly biocompatible
material which has proven useful in medicine.  Chitosan is hypoallergenic, has natural anti-
bacterial and blood-clotting properties and is sold as a topical spray for veterinary wound
healing in Europe.  Clinical results using this product on human chronic leg ulcers have shown
accelerated healing.  PluroGen’s technology platform uniquely allows Chitosan to be made
into gel products and dressings.  Early indications are this technology may provide products
with unique and improved wound healing capabilities.  PluroGen will use this paltform with
other of its technologies to produce new and advanced wound healing products further
building the product portfolio in the Company’s target markets of burns and wound cares.

Fat-derived Stem Cell Technology Platform

The 4th patented platform, developed by Company founder Dr. Katz and in licensing
negotiation, is fat (adipose tissue) - derived stem cell technology using the advantages of
stem cell supply from fat tissue and a novel stem cell formulation platform for wound healing
applications.  This technology has already demonstrated exciting results in pre-clinical studies
producing a 30% acceleration in wound healing.  The inventors have already opened
discussion with FDA in anticipation of preparing a pre-IND meeting request.  PluroGen
estimates an investigator IDE will be filed within 12 Months and commercialization within 5
years.  PluroGen will use this paltform with the its other technologies to produce new and
advanced wound healing products further building the product portfolio in burns and chronic

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