PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc
PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. is a skin care and wound healing company commercializing novel,
patented and superior skin, burn and wound care products from its portfolio of 4 synergistic and
complementary patented technology platforms.  PluroGen’s products are sharply focused to the
skin care, burn and chronic wound markets with near-term market entry and a strong product

Products from PluroGen’s core technology have a 15-year history of successful use with superior
results in over 2,000 patients to fight infection and heal burn and chronic wound patients at the
University of Virginia Health System.  These first products are based on our exclusive PluroGelTM
gel technology.  A gel at room temperature, PluroGelTM thickens at body temperature to conform
to and protect wound surfaces.  It is removable with a water rinse, making care simpler and less
painful for the patient.  PluroGel’s exclusive physical and bioactive benefits are differentiating and
advantageous to drive market demand.

PluroGen has its competencies and expertise in products and in clinical and research experience
for burn and chronic wound care, in market relationships and in building company value.  With
our experienced corporate leadership, world renowned Scientific Advisory Board, intellectual
property and lead products very near market, PluroGen is well positioned to meaningfully
advance patient care.
PluroGen Therapeutics Vision …
… is to be the premier developer and supplier of comprehensive therapeutic products for
the optimum management and repair of injured tissue.

PluroGen Therapeutics Mission …
… is to create novel, simple and advanced products to improve healing of complex wounds
to benefit patients and provide caregivers with new cost-effective wound care options

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